Extra Z Gaming: An Intro

The letter Z is often referred to as the end of the alphabet, but it can also mean the beginning of a new generation (e.g. Dragon Ball Z). If there are additional Zs in a word, it makes it sound as 90s as possible. Add the word “Gaming” to an extra Z and you get Extra Z Gaming, where critical thinking is gold, platinum is silver, bronze is given out at random and Zack Stewart, relatively unknown fanfiction author under the name Radiant Falcon, writes reviews and pontifications on new and old games alike.

Information on how I review and revere games after you click the button below.

Extra Z Gaming’s philosophy is simple: if I am interested in a particular game, I will most likely buy it or play it on an emulator of a dead/obsolete system. Buying a game takes priority over emulation, and especially so if the game in question cannot be emulated; either from being too new, or not made for older systems. If a game was released on an Eearlier console, but for some reason licensing or other reasons prevent its rerelease on newer consoles, I will make a note of that.

I don’t give out numerical values of scores. granted, I have done so before on earlier blogs, most recently on Google’s blogging service, but that was a misguided attempt. Instead, I use a grading system similar to the ones your schoolteachers use. Let me explain.

The Extra Z Review Show uses seven grades in its scoring system: Fail, Dud, Common, Badass, Astounding, Special and Z. Z is the highest grade a game can receive, whereas F is the worst. You may notice that Z doesn’t have a fully worded grade. This is because a Z Grade is more of a symbol; a seal of approval, if you will.

A typical scorecard has a grade, a postives and minuses section (which detail the pros and cons of a game), a ranking, which compares it to something of equal value; and may look like this:

Sonic the Hedgehog CD
Grade: Badass
Plus+ time travel elements make the game stand out from other Sonic games, both JP and US soundtracks are great, exploratory nature of the game is optional, special stages are cool, traveling between timelines is cool, 2011 port by taxman and Stealth is badass
Minus- level design can be dickish at times, Sonic’s jump sound is changed completely, which may turn off long timers, default spindash and Super Peel Out are both rather situational, traveling to either future isn’t particularly needed, port in Gems Collection is garbage.
Rank: Back to the Future Part II 



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